Frequently Asked Questions

What jumping castles do you have and how big are they?
We have a variety of inflatables for different age groups between 2 and 80 yrs old ranging from 2 to 5yrs; 2 to 10 yrs; 2 and up including adults! It's fun for the whole family. Our range includes The Giant bouncer, Double water slide, Gladiator obstacle and Boxing ring. Please click HERE for our full range of jumping castles and their actual sizes. Space must be added on the sides (± 1.5 meters) to allow for the motor inlet.

Most important, what are the prices?
Prices differ per size. We also differentiate between midweek (Monday to Thursday) and weekends (Friday to Sunday and public holidays). Contact us for prices.

When should I order?
It is recommended that you order your desired jumping castle at least 2 (two) weeks before as this would normally ensure availability.

Do you deliver?
Yes we do deliver.

Where are your premises should I want to collect?
We are situated at 14 Carol van der Walt Street, Edleen, KEMPTON PARK.

When can I collect?
Collection and return times are between 8:00 and 10:00 and 16:00 to 17:30 respectively on the day you hire. Alternative arrangements for collection and return could be made when you order. This is important to ensure that we give excellent service to all our customers.

What about a deposit?
A deposit of R100.00 is payable and is refundable should the jumping castle be collected and returned on time. The deposit would be forfeited if the jumping castle is either collected or returned late outside the hours mentioned.

Do I need to keep the motor (blower) running?
No. It only takes two minutes to inflate and because of the size of the motor you only need to switch the motor on and run it continuously when it is being used.

What do I do if it starts to rain?
The Inflatables are durable and can be left out in the rain. However, the motor (blower) must be moved to a dry location.

What surface is best for the jumping castle?
It is recommended that the jumping castle be put on even grass, free of foreign objects, not only to prevent injuries but also to ensure that it is not damaged due to friction. A tarpaulin or other means of ground cover should be used when the jumping castle is put on paving or a cement based surface.

What about damage to the Inflatables?
The customer is liable for damage, other than normal wear and tear, to both the jumping castle and the motor. One of the conditions of hire is that we would notify the customer within 24 hours of any damage to the Inflatables. We then get a repair quote from our supplier which is discussed with the customer and go ahead with the repairs. As we DO NOT patch our jumping castles and replace whole damaged sections it is imperative that the customer ensure that no animals or any action (e.g. paint or khoki pens) that could damage the castle or motor is allowed near it.

Do I need to clean the jumping castle before I return it or you collect it?
No. All our jumping castles are inspected, washed and sanitised by us within 24 hours of return.

+27 83 450 9708
14 Carol van der Walt Street Edleen Kempton Park 1619